These Guys Were Worried About What This Cop Would Do — Then He Introduced Himself

These days, people are more nervous than ever when they’re approached by cops. The majority of the police force are good people who look out for our safety, but highly publicized hate crimes and murders have struck fear in many, particularly in the black community.

Recently, a few young, black men were hanging out with their kids on the street when they were stopped by a police cruiser. At first they were afraid, but once Officer Robert Howard introduced himself, it was clear that he had their best interest at heart. His explanation of a bad cop versus a good cop is one that everybody needs to hear, especially right now.

When the young men shared their encounter with the officer on Facebook, it quickly went viral. Local news in St. Louis, Missouri, reported on the incident below.


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Here is the original Facebook video of Officer Robert Howard. Although it’s a bit long, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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Well done, Officer Howard. The citizens of St. Louis are lucky to have you. Keep up the great work!